Sergio Nunez
3 time Installer of the Month
Sergio specializes in:
Originally from Hermosillo, Sonora

When not working hard installing floors, I'm a pretty laid back guy. Fishing & bike riding are my weekend past times. Plus, I like cooking out at the park with friends & family.

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Stone Canyon

Ed Resident

" Sergio was terrific! Professional, presentable and courteous. He kept a clean and organized work area and worked in a highly efficient manner. He clearly understands and appreciates the value of a customer's home and didn't treat our unit as just another apartment. I highly recommend Carpeturn and will make them my first call when we purchase a home in East Mesa. Thanks Sergio! "

Adobe Ridge

Customer Review Accountant

" When removing the old vinyl, concrete broke away and was not reported as needing repair. New vinyl was placed over with a large dip in the concrete and now the work needs to be redone as the new vinyl is going to tear around the imperfection in the floor. "

Thank you very much for pointing out our mistake Sandra! Sergio should have reported this issue to Customer Care after a portion of the concrete broke when the vinyl was removed instead of laying new vinyl over the imperfection. Eddy Gomez returned to remove & replace the vinyl after repairing the concrete to prevent vinyl rips in the future. Please accept our sincere apology for our error in judgement.


Doug Townsend Maintenance Supervisor

" Sergio is a fast, accurate & clean installer. It would be a pleasure to see him doing more installs on my property and he deserves our recommendation. Thank you & keep up the awesome work! "

Sky Ancala

Evan Pincusoff Accountant

" Product looked wonderful installed. My concern was that in the master bathroom when the toilet was replaced back, the installer left the toilet unsecured to the floor. Rather then notifying myself or staff the toilet was caulked in floating out the 1/2" between the floor and the toilet without shims which allowed the resident to experience unsanitary water flooding their bathroom in the middle of the night when it was used for the first time after moving in when the toilet rocked back and forth. My only request is to be notified by Sergio of the issue so we can address it and correct the situation immediately before the new tenant moves in rather then being blindsided with it. "

Thank you for this valuable feedback Evan! We discussed your review with Sergio so he knows to stop and snap pics to share with you and/or find you on site to look at the issue together to make sure the install is completed correctly. Thank you again for taking the time to share these details.

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