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Chuck Short

Chuck Short
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31 years in multifamily flooring. Interested in scale, minimizing waste & zero defects, global thinking, any car or gadget, especially mobile devices and robotics - Read more

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I was born and raised in Atlanta, Georgia and have worked in all areas of the multifamily housing industry from Leasing Agent to Manager in the Southwest, Northeast and the even Caribbean of all places. I am results-oriented operator and have personally performed every function in flooring from installer to sales to operations to management. I spent 18 years with TFC (later Southwestern Floors) as general manager amongst other roles. combines a group of peers with years of experience with each other and with great customers who have years of experience with us in multifamily flooring. Fortunately, our years in this business has taught us a deep understanding of exactly what is expected. So, if you should schedule a job late into the evening on, it will be done on time. In fact, if you schedule it same day on, please do not be surprised if we arrive within the hour. When I'm not buying and selling flooring, you can find me buying a new car (likely to flip) or playing various first-person shooter or peer-to-peer Internet games along side my son Alex, an online assassin.

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